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from Sep'2009 permanent website @ The Four Seasons of Haiku

time is short
blossom today
tomorrow the moment
is gone


David said...

who are you

Ashi said...

now that's an interesting question, I'm not sure the answer is a good one. We seem to have not that many things in commen, I like Casablanca aswell, in books we have none in commen Oh I know Hamlet, but only as play at Kronborg, Helsingør. The bright side is that we both love Leonard Cohen.
I too have been writing from far back more than I care to remember, but as blogger only since spring 2006. I'm Danish, but write for some unknown reason mostly in English. What I am or who I am can be known while reading on my website (ups commercial)- I think words tell many stories, you might find one, :)