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putting the old laces
in my new shoes


John McDonald said...

great one

Beatrice V said...

Very nice

David said...

This is good. A light touch.

Jim Tantillo said...

love it! don't understand it, but love it. :-)

a memorable image ...

martin said...
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martin said...

I agree with Jim, and it reminds me of "The Nightingales":

My shoes as I lean
unlacing them
stand out upon
flat worsted flowers.

Nimbly the shadows
of my fingers play
over shoes and flowers.

from Sour Grapes, 1921.
W. C. W.

Alan Summers said...

I really love those two lines about the laces. I haven't done that for years and years, brings back memories.

A really nice touch of wabi.

all my best,

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