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the ancient woodlands

the first cuckoo

- a distant echo


David said...

Stunning Gwilym!!

Dennis Tomlinson said...

Skilful onomatopoeia!

Alan Summers said...

Ah, ancient woodlands, and a cuckoo. Do they still exist, I hope they do!

David said...

we visit a fairly old woodland in Kent some parts of it are very old. there are trees in Richmond Park over 1000 years old. there is an island on a Loch in Scotland with a woodland untouched since the end of the ice age 7-8000 years ago.

Poet in Residence said...

"Do they still exist?"

The Lobau still exists because it's between the airport and the oil refinery! And there in the old woods are cuckoos, red milans, various frogs, giant carp, butterflies and wild pigs! Oh yes, and dreaded mosquito and ticks!

John McDonald said...