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from Sep'2009 permanent website @ The Four Seasons of Haiku
with such longing,
barely dressed, twisted branches,
stretch towards the sun



Scramble said...

I especialy Love this one Beatrice!I can just visualise it.Chris.

nora said...

as do we all. lovely, Beatrice.

Paul Smith said...

A wonderful image Beatrice.

Beatrice V said...

Thanks Chris, Nora and Paul.
I think this blog is coming along nicely, already plenty of beautiful poems by all of you. Let us keep the momentum. And when you have time, let us also look into how can we get that anthology published! Most people are keen on the idea, let us make it happen.

diana l. said...

All winter long the trees have looked this way to me (a bit of projection, no doubt!) Really nicely put.

(Sorry I haven't done the Facebook thing yet, Beatrice. Will put it on tomorrow's "to do" list.)

Möme said...

Eloquent, yet to the point - well done, Beatrice!

mysticgmekeepr said...

Hi Bea, beautiful as always. I was going to post this little poem here but couldn't figure out how so I'm leaving it for you. hugs, pam

Morning Haiku

Descending from leaves
crawling down my spine;
shivers of adoration.

Beloved Dreamer said...

Beautiful Beatrice. I've live in the city and spring pops up in between all the cracks.


Anonymous said...

This is spring! I love it.