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You talk of spring -
me, isolated, in this
world of snow

* * *

Puhut keväästä -
minä eristyksissä
lumen keskellä


Beatrice V said...

Wow Mome! I love this, exquisite.

nora said...

Great, Mome! Actually, we got our first snow yesterday, so I'm working from home due to impassable roads. Everything outside is white, covering the daffodils.

Möme said...

Thank you for your comments! This one was actually inspired by my brother, whom I saw over the weekend and who has mild autism.
Nora, I do hope the daffodils survive!

Yansidara said...

this is beautiful.

diana l. said...

Wow! I love the double meaning. (My nephew is quite autistic.)

We got hit with the same storm as you I think, Nora (although no daffodils yet - only snowbells).

Alan Summers said...

I like this very much. The personal works very well.

all my best,

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