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from Sep'2009 permanent website @ The Four Seasons of Haiku
A caterpillar
wriggles across the plain
of my car bonnet.


Alan Summers said...

I really love that zoom effect into something small, which zooms out to the car bonnet.

We might even wonder if you're driving, or about to set out on a journey.

Makes me think what a wonderful state of mind you had at the time.

A really enjoyable haiku full of very subtle humour and joy and appreciation of life without 'telling' or dictating to us.

all my best,
The With Words Competition 2009.

Reihaisha said...

very cute

Dennis Tomlinson said...

Thanks for your appreciation, Alan and Rehaisha. Without wanting to spoil the mystery, I had just washed my car and was feeling pleased that I'd got the job done. Then I noticed that a little caterpillar had just appeared on the clean surface - from the overhanging trees? There are still mysteries in life!

diana l. said...

I think they used to call it "spontaneous generation," Dennis.

Ok, so what's a car "bonnet"? Is it what we Americans call the "hood" or perhaps the "roof"???

Anonymous said...


Under the hood is the motor and under the roof are you and me…Oh my goodness.

Chiefly British The hood of an automobile.

Dennis Tomlinson said...

Thanks for explaining this point, Martin.