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from Sep'2009 permanent website @ The Four Seasons of Haiku
With a heavy heart
I give away this winter
for you to keep

* * *

Raskain sydämin
luovun tästä talvesta
annan sinulle


nora said...

I love it, Mome!

Paris said...

I just love your works. So soothing to me.

diana l. said...

Very rich and strong. Worth at least 20 re-reads.

Beatrice V said...

Very touching, Möme, exquisite.

Lightfoot said...

Very nice

John McDonald said...

love it

Alan Summers said...

Very moving, very evocative.

all my best,
With Words

Möme said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. They mean a world to me; This was written for a close friend with anorexia.

jem said...

A lovely image of giving away a season. A gift or a burden.