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from Sep'2009 permanent website @ The Four Seasons of Haiku
This grey morning
while rain is pouring
spring lights breaks the ground


Anonymous said...

GREAT haiku! In the last line, do you mean to say "lights breaks," or do you mean "light breaks" or "lights break"?

Ashi said...

Thanks, there is no need to be anonymous -

spring lights, plural because what I was thinking of is Crocus, Eranthis and Snowdrop as lights breaking through the ground.

My first language is not English, what I hope is that the above explanation is covered by what I wrote. :)

diana l. said...

I like this as well, but had the same confusion over the plurals.

I believe that, regardless of whether one or various types of flowers are intended, the verb would still be "break". (Ah, the joys of the English language!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the explanation. Beautiful. Spring lights break the ground. (I like to be anonymous! So many women were anon. It is an honor. Get it?)

Ashi said...

Thank you both to diana l. and "anonymous" for your help I'm not going to change it here, but I will do it on my own site, thanks.