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from Sep'2009 permanent website @ The Four Seasons of Haiku
spring growth -
the sugar maples sprout
plastic buckets


diana l. said...

Cute! (Do you gather bouquets of them?)

Yansidara said...

Oh, what an image! (I have never seen something like this...but now, I feel like I have). Love it!

Jim Tantillo said...

here's link to a site with some photos (click here) that will give you an idea of how it looks. really a great time of the year!

John McDonald said...

good one jim I often wondered about maple syrup - now I know!

diana l. said...

Jim, I have a technical question. What HTML code would permit me to get an empty line at the end of my pieces such as yours has? My haiku look so crowded.

Jim Tantillo said...

ha! my little secret. here's all I do: simply add a period in the color of the page (the lightest yellow) before and after the haiku. My eyes can't see it, apparently yours can't either, which means it works.

sharp-eyed people out there . . . just be quiet.


ps it occurs to me you probably could do html code, some version of a line break? i.e., do an actual line break, then end with (br), skip a line, and (/br), except use angle brackets instead of parentheses.

hey, I just tried it on my blog, and it works. guess I won't be typing yellow periods any more.

diana l. said...

I don't know. I kind of think the idea of yellow periods sounds like more fun!

Thanks for the help. :D

diana l. said...

Uh oh. Just realized that I don't know how to write here in anything but black! (Think it's time to return to paper and pen...) :[

Alan Summers said...

Neat haiku!

Thanks for the link, it's really great when a haiku makes us learn something new.

Also well done for clarifying how to space haiku out, it's well worth the trouble.

And remember folks you can always go back and edit the appearance of your poem if you don't get it quite right first time. Basho would approve! ;-)


Jim Tantillo said...

actually, one doesn't need to do a "closed" (/br), just a single (br) itself, using angle brackets, both at the beginning of the haiku and at the end. that will provide a line space for each.