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i traveled a moonbeam tonight

i enter the garden gate mimosa tree shadowing the stone buddha
gathering johnny-jumps-ups to press half moon over my shoulder
innocent violets surrendering to the white butterfly
a ladybug on jacob's ladder i count eight dots
pink morning glories on the trellis growing taller each day
inch by inch the caterpillar climbs oppressive heat
maidenhair ferns flowing yielding, yielding flowing
a spray of forget-me-nots on the porch swing
lying on a hammock my straw hat askew
setting sun a hummingbird leaves the trumpet vine quivering
torrid night even the fireflies are hiding
shooting stars moondust showers
i traveled a moonbeam tonight searching for you
Pamela A. Babusci
one-line haiku sequence
Raw Nervz Haiku 1997

1 comment:

diana l. said...

Your hammock transported me (ah...). I love the hummingbird line.